Blades & Stone of Destiny Box Set | Dàn Cycle One & Two

Dàn Cycle One & Two Box Set Coming Soon!
Dàn Cycle One Two Box Set - Could a warrior in ancient times change Ireland's timeline to ensure Gael's will rule? It would take a Hero and the Tuatha Gods who backed her to make that happen!

DC One - While meeting Danu in a secret grove, Croí Dàn chooses Breanna as Erin’s Hero. As the Mother Goddess sets the young warrior on a quest to find the Blades of Destiny, little does Breanna know the Dreadlord has invoked ancient enemies of the Tuatha. After an intervention by the Sun God Lugh, Erin’s Hero pursues her goal of vanquishing the Norsemen.

 Yet, when the headstrong warrior chosen by the Tuatha Gods to save the Gaels of Erin learns her Chief is in danger, she decides he must be her priority and not another quest for magic laid upon her by Lugh. Will her decision doom them all to a destiny that leads to the Norse ruling the Gaels of Erin?

DC Two - Breanna Ban Morna manages to free her Chief but fails to slay her Norse father as they escape from Dun Garm. In afierce battle with his Dreadriders, Ćroí Dàn claims Erin’s Hero as shesingle-handedly defeats the Norsemen. Able to seek refuge at Dun Uisneach, the Aos Dána at the large Gaelic hillfort first notices that Breanna carries Lann Dàn across her back, and then the Heart of Destiny reveals herself.

 With the full backing of the Druids and the Chief and Chieftess of the Dun, Erin’s Hero leads her growing band of warriors to seek out Lia Dàn while evading the Dreadlord’s pursuit. Yet, while they follow a path southeast to some ancient standing stones that will allow them passage to Falias, also known as Tír na nÓg, the magical realm of the Tuatha Dé Danann, they find themselves in a stand-off at a river crossing with the Dreadlord and his Norsemen once more.

 Before any battle can take shape, ancient enemy demons emerge from the river. Breanna must use her magical ring to summon the Tuatha Gods to save them. Manannán Mac Lir answers the callthis time, battling the foul Fomorians, ensuring her band can enter Falias without further interference.

 With help from Dadga and having acquired the Stone of Destiny from Danu, Erin’s Hero returns to her realm, where she must seek Erin’s Altar to wield the magic of the Triple Dàns, an act that will remove her father and his ilk from her land. Breanna’s Band must battle the Dreadlord and his Norsemen to give Erin’s Hero the time to make such a feat possible—a feat that will warp the Emerald Isle’s fabric of time—and could claim Breanna’s soul!

 Could a warrior in ancient times change Ireland's timeline to ensure Gael's will rule? It would take a Hero and the Tuatha Gods who backed her to make that happen!

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Note: For more information on the Tuatha pantheon and their Gaels, there are many online sources, such as Wikipedia, to explore the mythical and historical settings of Ireland that authors have used over the years to engage in fantasy world-building. Likewise, in Britain, with Arthurian myths and legends, as well as Celtic and Roman ones. If you have questions about how I came up with aspects of the world in which Destiny Cycle takes place, get in touch via this page.