Laoch Dàn – Warriors of Destiny | Dàn Cycle Four

Planned for January 2025
In Laoch Dàn – Warriors of Destiny, Dàn Cycle Four, Breanna Ban Morna leads her band of warriors and druids across time to ensure Gaels Rule! But where should she lead the band next? Maybe to Egypt, before Cleopatra's steps led her nation down a path where it fell to Rome? Maybe with early Christianity, where they ensure a different path is followed by religious leaders, allowing the Gaels and Celtics control their destiny?

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Note: For more information on the Tuatha pantheon and their Gaels, there are many online sources, such as Wikipedia, to explore the mythical and historical settings of Ireland that authors have used over the years to engage in fantasy world-building. Likewise, in Britain, with Arthurian myths and legends, as well as Celtic and Roman ones. If you have questions about how I came up with aspects of the world in which Destiny Cycle takes place, get in touch via this page.